safely deal with strangers

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Check people's credibility, communicate securely, and rate people you deal with

Get your Credo ID

Register and get a Credo ID with a unique, sharable URL

Control exactly what information to show on your ID

Get stats on how your profile is viewed by others

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Communicate Securely

Keep your full name, email, and other personal info private when communicating with others

Look up other people's Reputation to determine who you feel comfortable talking with

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Provide Feedback

Rate people you've interacted with on Credo. Ratings are confidential and will never be shared with anyone – not even with the person you’ve rated

Write reviews for people you know well. Your reviews help others learn about the people they are dealing with

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Build Your Reputation

Be honest and good to others and your Reputation Score will reflect this

Our algorithms will calculate your Reputation Score based on the strength of your profile, your circle of friends, and what people you've interacted with say about you

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